Queensyze is a Canadian DJ, producer, composer, and filmmaker. Described by iDJ Mag as “Canada’s fastest-rising techno star” she released her debut techno EP The Pretty Lights in 2019. Supported by taste maker media like Resident Advisor and Mixmag, The Pretty Lights broke into the coveted top ten Techno Chart on Beatport landing the #5 spot within the first week of release.

A staple of the Vancouver underground scene, Queensyze is known for her innate ability to connect with her audience through her storytelling lens. Experimenting with records to create new sounds, new rhythms, and learned how to build energy and soundscapes within the limitations of vinyl, these techniques have now become her signature as her DJ sets move fluidly between the hard and subversive much like her original productions.

Her long awaited follow up to The Pretty Lights, Smells Like Aciid, was finally released in summer 2022. Smells Like Aciid reached the top ten Techno Chart on Beatport landing in the #4 spot and has received support from Resident Advisor.

“Queensyze is in my top booking roster. Her sets are enchanting and walk the aggressive tightrope with grace. With so many cookie cutter formulas in this industry, I’m always impressed with her track selections and her own productions.”
Graham Trimble, Creative Director of Gorg-O-Mish, Vancouver

Queensyze has a natural curiosity and enjoys exploring opportunities with her music, leading her to remix tracks for the video game “Need for Speed” and compose original music for films. She was once a member of the only Experimental Theremin Orchestra in Canada where she played her hand-built Theremin, droning out at experimental curated events for an entire year. Her unbound curiosity and innate interest in sound design empowers her to explore the boundaries of soundscape and experiment with how far she can take sound design as it merges with dance music.

Her sound focuses on the idea of being subversive while also laying it down with raw emotion and untethered beats to keep a dancefloor moving. The music Queensyze produces share this duality, visceral and hypnotic, hard and raw, yet elegant and detailed.

“Attempting to put Queensyze’s music into a pigeonhole is a fool’s errand…such sonic flexibility is going to see her become one of those artists that both house and techno lovers are eager to claim as one of their own.”

iDJ Magazine

Queensyze’s influences are also intertwined with the places she’s lived and the energy of her surroundings. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario it was here she first encountered electronic music, with the city’s drum and bass scene the first to make its mark on her musical ambitions. After teaching herself to mix and experimenting with production, she soon became one of Canada’s first released female drum and bass producers, releasing the first track she produced on a local Toronto label.

This energy from her hometown formed the early Queensyze bass and breakbeat sound alongside with her dedicated base audience, however following a move to Vancouver, British Columbia and most recently living on a tiny Gulf Island called Saturna, the expansive sparseness of the landscape inspires her to focus on the moody, tough and technically crafted 4×4 sounds which now characterize her musical output.